Juventus director David Trezeguet is certain the club will get back on track following a disappointing start to the Serie A season.

The veteran Bianconeri striker sat down with Juve’s Twitter account to do a Q&A session where he was asked a range of questions about the club and his black and white career.

“There have been big changes this summer, because important players left and the newcomers came in. At the same time, I am convinced that the changes as important to continue winning.

“I hope and indeed am sure that the team will get back on track, because defeats help motivate, force you to work harder and grow.

“Mario Lemina is a very good player and Juve made a great buy there. In France there’s a lot of talk around him and he’s got a big future ahead of him.”

“The greatest game for me was when we won the first Scudetto away to Udinese. It was against a tough opponent and on the other side Inter were playing an incredible match with Lazio. We won and were able to bring home the Scudetto after many years.

“The goal I am most fond of was in a 5-2 victory over Atalanta in Bergamo, as it allowed me to overtake Omar Sivori and become the top foreign goalscorer. This is the most important achievement of my career…

“The best goal was a bicycle-kick against Real Madrid, because in a Champions League tie against the Galacticos is a special moment and another goal meant we were able to qualify.

“Alessandro Del Piero is the greatest player I ever partnered for Juventus.”

“At the moment my role as President of Juventus Legends takes up all my time! Today being a Coach is not a main objective. This role is very stimulating, as I am learning so much and hope to continue as a director.

“Juve was a unique love affair for me. I arrived very young and left after 10 years with a career full of success. Aside from the sporting success, I left a human bond here and was grateful to be invited back.

“The only trophy I never won with Juventus was the Champions League, so if I could go back in time and play one match again, it’d be the Final against Milan at Old Trafford.”