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Troubled Juventus loanee goes missing again

July 28, 2022 - 2:45 pm

When Juventus signed Mohammed Ihattaren last August, none of us foresaw the type of trouble that the club was getting involved in.

The young Dutchman surely possesses a special talent, and the Bianconeri’s amicable relationship with the late Mino Raiola helped in forging the deal. However, the player has been unable to maintain his focus on the pitch.

Last season, Juventus sent the 20-year-old to Sampdoria in the aim of gaining valuable Serie A experience. However, he went AWOL before even making his debut for the Ligurians.

It was later revealed that the attacking midfielder is dealing with depression for family reasons which prompted him to return home. to the Netherlands.

In January, Juventus loaned him out to Ajax in the hopes of putting his career back on track. The move had apparently paid dividends early on.

Nonetheless, la Gazzetta dello Sport reports that Ihattaren has once again went missing. Ajax officials have stated their concern for his wellbeing.

The source adds that the young man had been out of shape and could be contemplating early retirement from the sport yet again.

Juve FC say

In a recent interview, Wojciech Szczesny rued the lack of interest in the players’ mental health, and Ihattaren’s case is a living proof on the validity of the goalkeeper’s statement.

The Dutchman is obviously a young man who’s in a dire need for immediate help, and we can only hope that he receives it before his career becomes beyond saving.

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    martinn July 28, 2022 at 3:59 pm

    I wonder if it`s a good idea to have counselling and help like this as standard for players, covered in contracts? or under medical insurance, maybe?