Juventus youngster Mohamed Ihattaren has returned to Turin and is now training after being released from arrest in the Netherlands.

The attacker joined the club on the recommendation of the late Mino Raiola, but off-field troubles have overshadowed his career since he made the move.

There have been multiple arrests and he is always in the news for the wrong reason, but after being released by authorities in the Netherlands, he is back in Turin.

The former PSV man posted a video of himself training alone at the Allianz Stadium on Instagram and captioned it:

“What defines us is how well we rise after a setback.”

Juve FC Says

Ihattaren has been such an unuseful signing to us and it is baffling why the club agreed to add him to their squad when he wasn’t in their first-team plans.

His off-field life has followed him since he was young and it is so hard for him to separate his football from it at the moment.

Even though Ihattaren is just 21, it is hard to think he will fulfil his huge potential anytime soon.

If the club can terminate his deal or find a permanent home for him at the end of the season, that would be the ideal scenario that makes everyone happy.