Diego Stramaccioni is an emerging talent in the Juventus Next Gen team and his next step would be to join a senior club on loan.

The Bianconeri have groomed some of Italy’s finest talents since they started their Next Gen side, and clubs monitor the B team to see talents they can sign.

Stramaccioni is now attracting the attention of two sides as the 21-year-old proves his class in the Bianconeri B team.

A report on Calciomercato reveals he has caught the attention of Perugia and Pordenone, who believe he has the quality to help their cause.

This midseason offers both clubs a chance to bolster their squad and they want Stramaccioni to spend the next six months on their books.

Juve FC Says

As long as the 21-year-old will get enough game time, it makes sense to send him to either club in the Italian lower divisions.

Perugia plays in Serie B and Stramaccioni was on their books as a trainee, so it could be the best place to send him.

However, the most important thing is that he will get more than enough game time wherever he eventually moves on loan.

If none of the suitors can guarantee game time, it is much better for him to remain with the Next Gen team because it plays in a competitive league.