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Two favourites emerge as potential Allegri replacement

May 25, 2023 - 10:45 am

Max Allegri’s position as the manager of Juventus is currently under significant uncertainty following the team’s recent poor performances.

Having gone two seasons without securing a single trophy, Allegri’s tenure at the club appears to be nearing its end, with the management likely to make a decisive move at the conclusion of this campaign.

Despite being regarded as one of the finest Italian managers, Allegri’s current form has been lacking, prompting the club to consider alternative options. The discussions have already begun, with two names being mentioned as potential replacements.

According to reports from Calciomercato, Juventus is contemplating the return of Antonio Conte to the Allianz Stadium, following his departure from Tottenham. Additionally, Luciano Spalletti, the coach who led Napoli to a Serie A title, seems to be on the verge of leaving his current club and is also being considered as a possible candidate.

While Allegri still has the opportunity to salvage his position by winning the remaining games of the season, it appears that even such an outcome may not be sufficient to save him from being relieved of his duties.

Juve FC Says

Allegri cannot say he did not get a chance to make his team better and earn some trophies at the Allianz Stadium.

However, it seems he is no longer the inspirational manager who helped the Black and Whites to reach the final of the Champions League twice while dominating domestic football.

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    Reply JohnG May 25, 2023 at 12:52 pm

    Omg enough!! Neither of these managers has ever won a big title! Yes, they are good coaches, yes they compete for league titles, but enough of the retreads. Conte brings enough baggage to fill a cargo ship. Yes, he’s a disciplinarian, yes he will form a cohesive group, until his medication runs out and he loses his sanity. Spalletti has always hovered around league titles, but that’s it. Juve is always talked about in terms of European powers, well then, now is the time to make a statement. Hire a guy who can win on the world stage, not just in Italy, or Russia or even a one off in England. This club has spent millions on horrible players, now spend the millions on a great manager/coach. You don’t need to be a former Juve player to understand winning the Juve way. Enough!

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    Reply frankie May 25, 2023 at 1:41 pm

    “Despite being regarded as one of the finest Italian managers,…” Please – Allegri is not on the same level as Trappatoni, Lippi, Ancelotti and Sacchi – all of these guys have won in Europe for a start.

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