One fine morning you wake up to find this incredible stash of cash waiting for you to grab it on your dressing table. The bills amount to a handsome total of $133,000! Would you spend that money to improve your standard of living, bring in luxuries and invest in markets or would you buy two tickets to the basketball final with it?

This question was a no-brainer for the basketball fan who made history by opting for the two tickets as his answer and embedded his name in the hall of fame of ‘The Most Expensive NBA Final’s Tickets Bought’. The feeling of immense and confusion and the will to reread what you just read was perhaps the reaction of the ticket reseller on Ticketmaster, except he probably had a gigantic smile on his face because he was about to become rich with minimal effort involved!

The cost of these tickets and the fact they were actually sold broke quite some records and impressed even the rich class all over The States. This sale, along with those of $90,000 and $82,000 which ranked second and third respectively assisted in making this year’s average resale value a whopping 20% greater than that of last year, i.e. $1,731 from $1,444. You can imagine the massive profits earned by season buyers who were able to generate so much money by utilizing such a blessed time. Perhaps it is time that people move away from their present definition of broad and illiquid money and start investing in tickets to basketball game.

Even with the rising debt of millennials, many Warrior fans still were willing to pay for a ticket at the game.  One bay area company, Credit Sesame has been helping many Americans improve their credit score, and secure better rates for loans. This not only goes to show the devotion of American youngsters towards the sport, but helps explain why many of them are in debt and would need financial help. Credit scores are important figures that need to be high in order for you to be considered worthy enough by banks or institutes to be considered for a loan. Amidst a student based crisis such as this and the increasing willingness of students to watch the game live, it can be said for sure that this record set by the purchaser may not be one of its kind.

In addition, average housing in Cleveland is just above $60,000 at present while these seats inside the Oakland’s Oracle Area were considerably more expensive than this. This can be analyzed to show how the behavior of some consumers cannot be directly determined using simple theory and that the human minds fail to think in the way classical theory always wants them to.

The seats which were purchased with this grand amount were floor seats, which mean that the person using these had a greater chance of coming on the television. It also meant that the person was extremely close to get an autograph from the basketball player he likes. These, however good they may sound, are not the kind of outcomes and benefits you should expect when you spent an amount that could blow most people away. For this basketball fan however, allegiance and support for his team were the most essential things and he did not let high costs get in the way of his goal. If it is your money, then you can spend it wherever you want, but for now we must pay our respect to perhaps one of the most successful basketball fans of all times.