Udinese is currently under investigation for the 2018 transfer of Rolando Mandragora from Juventus.

The midfielder initially moved from Juventus to Udinese in 2018, but two years later, he returned to Juventus before subsequently departing on loan to Udinese. Following this loan spell, he went on to play for Torino in the next season and eventually secured a permanent transfer to Fiorentina in 2022.

The transfer deal involving Mandragora and its recording in Udinese’s balance sheet has raised suspicions, leading to an investigation. According to a report on Football Italia, Italian authorities searched Udinese’s headquarters earlier this month, suspecting false accounting practices.

As of now, it remains unclear whether Juventus will be called in for questioning or investigation about this case. Juventus has resolved other legal matters from the previous season, but the outcome of this specific investigation is yet to be determined.

Juve FC Says

The last thing we need now is to be drawn into a fresh legal battle after working very hard to ensure we get out of all our troubles last season.

This is a brand new start for us as a club and we need to stay focused on rebuilding the team properly.

The previous board had made several terrible decisions and we hope none will return to haunt us again.