Juventus could potentially be banned from European competitions after they were docked 10 points in Serie A on Monday evening.

The Blacks and Whites have also been the subject of an investigation by UEFA, who are looking at their conduct.

A report on Football Italia reveals they have breached two UEFA rules. When the governing body concludes its investigation in June, the Bianconeri will be punished.

It claims Juve is guilty of a “breach of Fair Play rules and sporting probity, second breach of FFP regulations.”

UEFA will look at the most appropriate way to punish them when their investigation is concluded next month, but the Bianconeri could be forgiven if they back out of the European Super League, which they have seriously supported since its inception.

Juve FC Says

We have exposed ourselves to being targeted by these organisations because of the poor decisions we made before now and should accept the reception we are getting.

UEFA might ban us if they find out we have broken any laws and our support of the Super League does not help.

We probably should align with them now, but it would be cowardly to turn our back on the Super League at this stage.