Authorities are investigating Juventus in Italy and they have already been docked 15 league points for their use of capital gains.

The Bianconeri haven’t been as good as they could be on and off the field, but their legal problems could make them miss out on European and top-flight football next season.

They are working on an appeal for the 15-point deduction and hope they are not punished in the Prisma case.

However, UEFA is also waiting in the wings to hand them punishments if they have broken the rules around European football.

This was made known by UEFA deputy secretary Giorgio Marchetti. He said, as quoted by Calciomercato:

There are ongoing investigation activities not yet concluded against Juve, there is a sentence already taken and which I understand will be appealed. We will wait to see the documentation of all the files.

 “UEFA must behave in compliance with the regulations. We wait to find out if there are any profiles concerning the UEFA regulations.

“Juve will be judged like all clubs.”

Juve FC Says

Juve has had a troubled season and the 15-point punishment will make other bodies believe they can also punish them.

The club is working on an appeal; if they succeed, it could change everything about the ongoing other investigations.