The UEFA Executive Committee has decided against sanctioning Juventus and Real Madrid for their leadership role in the suspended European Super League.

Both teams led 10 other teams to form the new competition last Sunday, but 48 hours later the English clubs began to pull out of the agreement and it eventually collapsed.

UEFA met virtually and AS reports that they deliberated possible sanctions for Madrid and Juve because of their leading roles in the mutiny.

However, they concluded that both teams wouldn’t be kicked out of the Champions League this season and would also not face any sanctions for now.

The report says they can open a legal complaint against the teams who attempted to pull out.

But they cannot legally kick them out of the competition this season. Furthermore, UEFA would suffer many complaints from Television operators if they kick out Real Madrid and the other remaining teams in the Champions League who were a part of the Super League.

This should help to calm the nerves of some Juve fans who had been fearing for the worse after their team’s involvement in the failed breakaway.

The Bianconeri will now focus on finishing this campaign on a more positive note.