A22 is struggling to help the proponents of the European Super League to revive the idea.

Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid remain committed to the agreement which bound 12 clubs together to create the idea.

The other nine have renounced their support to pledge allegiance to UEFA again, but the trio will keep fighting.

They hired A22 to help keep the project alive and the company met with UEFA recently as they seek more open dialogue.

However, the European Football governing body was unsatisfied with the outcome of the meeting and mocked them with a statement afterwards.

They said via Calciomercato: “A22 says they do not represent the three remaining clubs. They refuse to define what their alleged new approach is. They say they want dialogue. But when the opportunity is presented to them, they have nothing to say.” 

Juve FC Says

The ESL is a good idea because we probably need someone who will break the monopoly of UEFA.

However, any idea that will be accepted to replace or compete against UEFA’s model must be much better than it.

At the moment, it is hard for fans to support ESL because it clearly isn’t better than what is on offer at the moment.