Since the announcement of the infamous European Super League project, Juventus and UEFA have been on a collision course.

While nine of the founding members rapidly backtracked in the next 48 hours, the Bianconeri remained adamant about the project alongside Barcelona and Real Madrid, much to the dismay of UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin.

Nonetheless, the Slovenian feels that he had the last laugh over the three rebellious clubs, as two of them are undergoing major legal troubles.

Thus, Ceferin took the opportunity to aim yet another dig towards Juventus and their Super League allies.

“I must underline that among the three clubs that want to ‘save football’, one is under criminal proceedings for falsifying financial statements, while another is being investigated for paying managers of the arbitration organization. We’ll see if the third committed an offense too,” said Ceferin in an interview with Ekipa via ilBianconero.

Moreover, the UEFA president has a well-illustrated relationship with former Juventus president Andrea Agnelli. The two men shared a personal rapport, so Ceferin took Agnelli’s Super League maneuver as a direct betrayal.

Nonetheless, the Slovenian claims that he didn’t get any pleasure from witnessing his foe’s downfall, while insisting that he respects Juventus as a club.

“Agnelli’s demise? I wouldn’t call it satisfaction, there was no need for me to feel something like that.

“Of course, I know many more things than the normal fan. The story of Juventus had to end this way, because everything was wrong” .

“I don’t have an emotional relationship with Agnelli, but I would like to underline that I still respect Juventus as a club, and the same goes for Real Madrid and Barcelona.”