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UEFA suspends disciplinary proceedings against Juve, ensuring their CL spot

June 10, 2021 - 5:30 pm

After the failed attempt to promote their independent league, the twelve European clubs who launched the European Super League ended up suffering the consequences.

Whilst the six Premier League clubs rapidly washed their hands from the whole plan and accepted their sentences, Juventus continue to play hardball, alongside Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Whilst UEFA were threatening the trio with some major punishments that could have seen them banned from participating in next season’s Champions League, it seems that the organization is now taking a step backwards.

According to Football Italia, UEFA has announced the temporarily suspension of the legal proceedings against the three clubs who are yet to abandon their Super League plans.

The report adds that According to the New York Times, UEFA must first challenge a ruling from a Spanish court or be open to potential prosecution and have to pay the clubs damages if they go ahead with the disciplinary action.

Therefore, it appears that the organization is now reluctant to take a step in the wrong direction, as it could suffer from severe repercussions.

Although this latest event is undoubtedly a point in favor of the Old Lady and her Spanish allies, this legal war is obviously far from over.

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    Martinn June 10, 2021 at 6:19 pm

    The thing that annoys me is that if you agree with the superleague or not, people act like uefa are absolute saints, and haven’t given themselves pay rises during a pandemic or could have used money to all clubs during this time with no fans. And being for ‘the fans’ means punishing 3 sets for something a club has done out of their hands? Nope. Sure a lot are employees and shills but people saying to listen to pundits on sky TV, bt sport or anyone else that has European football as a big chunk of their broadcasts expected them to be unbiased and you should listen to them regardless? hurrr durr. Either way, eufa will not listen to any grievances which have gone on for years. Myself, realistically you have to scrap the idea of the super league because fans want competition from everyone, the thing that sticks in my craw is the people blindly following the corporate yes sir route, and I don’t mean agreeing with one side i mean agreeing with one side like the other opion is from the Devil himself!!