UEFA had previously threatened to ban clubs still registered into the European Super League from their competitions, whilst trying to push for domestic divisions to follow suit, but while Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid stand firm in remaining a part of the competition, they will still enter into Europe.

The Old Lady yesterday confirmed that they had received confirmation of their place in the upcoming CL campaign, despite the threat of a ban, whilst they also announced a shuffle in the boardroom following the departure of Fabio Paratici, who has since joined Tottenham.

Chairman Andrea Agnelli was the one to release news of our confirmation, and he added that they would not be backing down against any threats.

“The capital increase serves to cover the direct and indirect effects of the pandemic which are affecting the entire industry,” Agnelli told a press conference(via Juventus.com). “A liquidity need of 8.5 billion euros is estimated for top-flight clubs We received a letter that admitted us to the Champions. I want to reiterate our will for dialogue to improve European football and we are not afraid of threats. We are confident in our legal actions.”

This could well open the door for Cristiano Ronaldo to stay with the club, with hiw fondness of playing in the elite competition, although we are still awaiting communication from the Portuguese and his representatives on the matter.

Could UEFA still try and block our entry into the competition despite the receiving of a letter to permit us participation?