Football is gradually becoming nothing but a money-spinner for the authorities in charge of the sport and they now care less about players’ welfare.

One of the most ridiculous shows of that is the recent proposal by Arsene Wenger-led FIFA to play the World Cup every two years.

This idea simply ignores the number of club games players also have to participate in yearly.

It also overlooks other continental competitions like Copa America, the Euros and AFCON.

It is simply ridiculous to think the World Cup should be played every two years and UEFA has sent a message to FIFA on the matter.

The European governing body in a recent general assembly said “no” to the idea of a World Cup every two years as reported by Calciomercato.

They delivered a statement that reads: “We European leagues have opposed the proposals to change the calendar. 

“They have proposed a biennial organization of the World Cup and the European Championships. All the proposals have been rejected, we believe that FIFA has proposed a change of calendar without taking into account the football of club teams. 

“With a change that can have repercussions on a sporting and financial level, to the detriment of home competitions for clubs, for players and for all fans. at the domestic level, nor for national teams. World and other continental tournaments should be played with current frequency. We are in favor of a limited change: if some changes are to take place,we will only consider them with the interest of our members.”

We all know that the governing bodies are after their personal interests, but even the prestige of the World Cup would be lost if the competition is being played every two years.

UEFA’s stance will probably be supported by most professional players who already have too many competitions out there for them to take part in and that means this idea is as good as dead.