According to reports, UEFA is expected to announce its decision on Juventus following the conclusion of the Champions League final. The governing body has been dedicated to ensuring the success of the Champions League and other European finals.

Juventus is currently under investigation by UEFA, as they reached a favourable agreement with the FIGC (Italian Football Federation). There is a belief that the club might receive a lenient punishment, considering their decision to withdraw from the European Super League.

The anticipation within the club is centred around whether they will face a ban from participating in European competitions in the upcoming season. A report from Football Italia suggests that UEFA’s verdict will be disclosed after the Champions League final between Inter Milan and Manchester City.

Juve FC Says

It is very important that we get these legal battles out of the way as soon as possible so that the club can start from a clean place next season.

The last campaign was tough for us as we battled off and on the field and it undoubtedly affected the players and manager.

Starting the next campaign with no fear or threat from any organisation will help our boys stay focused on the task and win as many points as possible.