There are reports coming out of Chile that Arturo Vidal may be replaced by Rodrigo Millar on the World Cup squad. Vidal is just returning from meniscus surgery, though he played around 15 minutes in a friendly versus Northern Ireland. That could perhaps be what went wrong, as Vidal’s surgeon had stated that he shouldn’t play for three months after the surgery. It’s been around three weeks.

The only thing that seems definite is that Vidal will not play versus Australia, if he goes to Brazil. The Millar call up could just be precautionary, and it seems either way the decision on Vidal will go down to the wire. Sadly though, it seems that the proverbial Icarus may have flown too close to the sun.

Additionally, we do not know what this means for Vidal and Juve. If the worst case scenario is true and he has re-injured his meniscus, he would probably still be ready for the start of the season, or shortly thereafter.