Juventus have always been involved in controversial moments in Serie A matches and there have been many more in this campaign.

The matches against AS Roma and Inter Milan involved controversial moments that some think helped the Bianconeri.

If VAR has been favouring Juve in this campaign, then Napoli could argue that the opposite has been the case for them and Il Corriere dello Sport as reported by Football Italia says a lawyer has suggested that Aurelio De Laurentiis ask for VAR files of some Juventus matches.

This comes after VAR didn’t intervene to give Napoli a penalty in their game against Roma last weekend.

But referee Maurizio Mariani gave Juventus a penalty in their match against Inter Milan for a similar incidence after a VAR check.

The report says Lawyer Erich Grimaldi has now suggested that the Napoli owner asks for the VAR audio file from Juventus’ matches against Roma and Inter Milan to have a look at it.

Napoli has become a tough rival to Juventus in recent seasons and as they look to win the Scudetto this season, they will want to employ all the tricks to ensure Juve doesn’t come close to them.

Everyone wants the uniformity of decision in the league and it is one reason VAR has been introduced.

However, the referees still have to have enough say in the games and their judgements have to be trusted sometimes.

It remains unclear if Napoli would request and be given the files, but it would likely not help them in any way because the games are done and dusted.