Juventus is waiting for the verdict of their salary manoeuvre case after they were informed the investigation is concluded.

The black and whites are fighting back for their lost points because of their use of capital gains and the last thing they need is to suffer another punishment.

They will be happy to hear what Xavier Jacobelli has to say about a possible date for the verdict on the salary manoeuvre case.

He claims there is rarely a good date for it to be heard, so it will likely come at the end of the season.

The journalist says via Tuttomercatoweb:

“Now an iter will leave before sports justice, as we know. The trial will be reached before the federal counter. We will see what the decisions will be, but above all the timing, since there is a traffic jam of dates. On April 19, the Coni Guarantee Board could cancel the 15 penalty points. 

“It could refer the proceedings to the Federal Court of Appeal itself which should in this case re-instruct the hearing. Instead, as regards this second strand, which also stems from the investigation by the Turin judiciary: now the process is defined. 

“Now it is a question of understanding when the trial will be instructed at first instance. I assume that a final sentence will be reached, one way or another of solution, not before the end of the championship”.

Juve FC Says

We have faced many battles this season, but the important thing for us now is to get the deducted 15 points reinstated.

Our players have worked hard to earn a place in the top four and must not be denied the chance to play in the Champions League next term through their league standing.