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Vialli: ‘Dybala should stay at Juventus for 10 years’

April 18, 2017

Former Juventus great Gianluca Vialli believes Paulo Dybala should stay at the club for 10 years and become ‘the new Alessandro Del Piero’.

In a lengthy interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, Vialli discussed the new-look Juventus, current coach Max Allegri and the upcoming Champions League match against Barcelona.

“The strongest Juve? Maybe not by far, but it’s a team that can give more certainty,”  He told the Italian daily.

“They have physical and mental shape, continuity and stability. They have great trust and two things that have developed over time: European stature and respect. Now other teams see this for themselves.”

Barca will have the home advantage and the returning Sergio Busquets back in the team.

“Busquets is worth a lot. The Camp Nou must not be set on fire.

“In 2000 when I coached Chelsea, we went to play there after a 3-1 victory at home in the first leg. In the first half we made a mistake and it was 2-0 for them.

“Then we went to pick them off high and it was 2-1. Up to 10 minutes from the end we were still in the game, but then they scored the third and from there the atmosphere became hell.

“We lost 5-1 in extra time: the skill of Juve will be to ensure that the atmosphere does not swell, and that it does not set the fans on fire.

“Messi> I think he will be angry, more involved, he seemed to suffer greatly in the first leg and I think it has become a personal matter. Thus they must pay him even more attention.

“[The first-leg performance] was almost perfect start: the team held the ball high, had that aggression, then there was the inevitable waiting phase but also the absorption of pressure and the ability to strike at the right times. A replay of this would be perfect.

“How perfect was Buffon? Without his two fundamental saves everything would have been more complicated.

“The key to the game will be, as they call it in Coverciano, the transition.

“Inevitably Juve must compress to defend, but then in recovery they must be perfect in the first step, in picking up the ball, and the the attackers must work the path that comes from Pjanic or Khedira.

“There inevitably will be pauses when Barca hit the spaces. This is why they need ruthlessness: why it is vital to go for goal. And then? Buffon will be Buffon: Barcelona will create, so they need San Gigi.

“Their self-esteem would grow, after this step they would feel like a dragon.

“I have to say that would be worse for Juve to meet PSG and do you know why? Today Barcelona are discontinuous and must think about the future.

“Juve are instead in a time of stability and effectiveness, and they seem to have fun when they play.

“I believe in football karma and I think after years of Italian domination, and several finals lost by virtue of superior force in Europe that I mentioned before, this team has earned the statement, the victory. As Mourinho’s Inter earned it.”

“Mandzukic? Without the collaborative spirit of Mario, things would be more complicated for Allegri.

“Allegri is fantastic, a number one. The more clever Coaches assess, analyse and find solutions; tactically they don’t put you under pressure and indeed to nullify the opponent.

“He tells players not what they want to hear but what they need to hear, and he’s different. I absolutely agree with him about the beautiful game.

“You know, what counts is to win. But then: it’s not spectacular to defend well? When I see a great defensive display I enjoy watching it. And it’s art, too. In our culture and history we know how to do it, and not everyone happens to know how to do it well.

“All Coaches seek the confidence of their players, they are the first ones who have to show blind faith in them. If you see how Allegri talks about understanding and valuing them, their eyes light up. And so it was with Lippi.

“Is it imperative that Allegri stays in the future? Of course, yes: there is chemistry, and collaboration with the club.

“One day, before training, Lippi comes to me and says: ‘Today there is too much calm so let’s go for a bit of adrenaline.’ It happened like this, but then at one point I went up and told him to stop because if the team sees a captain that is so placid it’s not good and I had to react.

“This Juve reminds me of Italy under Lippi in 2006 in many ways.”

“Dybala? I’d like that in his head he’s thought of becoming the new  Del Piero for the future.

“And I’d like him to say he’ll stay at Juventus for 10 years. Neymar says it.  Bale says it.

“And Juve are not less than Barca or Real. And I’d also like him to take the number 10 shirt, because he is the one.

“Messi? From the moment you win a big trophy, well, you can bring in certain players.

“Barça will try to put four offensive players on to create a one-on-one with the defenders, if they have no help, they will be in difficulty.

“Juve are not ​​going to the Camp Nou to do just one thing. They will surprise you, they have the ability to do many things. They can do it.”

[Translation from Football Italia]

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