Juventus medical co-ordinator Fabrizio Tendone has been quick to allay any fears that Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal may not feature at the World Cup this summer. At the final pre-match conference of the summer, Antonio Conte let the medical staff explain directly:

“Vidal’s injury was always dealt with in collaboration with our Chilean colleagues,” assured Tendone.

“It was only right not to use surgery for his meniscus problem at the start, because it would’ve been a huge error to immediately operate on a meniscus that wasn’t even torn, as that can damage the knee.

“He continued treatment and did not always play. The moment his pain became limiting, he said he was ready to play until the moment the Scudetto was mathematically secured.

“Only at that point did we decide for surgical action, which in theory had already been planned. Vidal is a real fighter, an extraordinary guy. We salute your Chilean colleagues, who called us hundreds of times in this period,” Tencone told journalists.

“I know there was controversy in Chile over this apparent delay over surgery, but in medical terms there was none, as we collaborated daily with the Chilean staff. They knew everything and agreed it would’ve been a mistake to operate earlier.

“We had already evaluated the situation with Professor Cugat, who had operated on him before, so we were well prepared. As soon as it was possible, he had the surgery.

“Vidal will be available for the World Cup.”

Tencone also pointed out the Juventus medical staff was one of the most successful in Europe.

“For the last 13 years we have received data from the UEFA medical sector and this year we are on the podium in terms of fewest injuries.

“I want to add that all these medical studies showed the real prevention of injury is done with the coaching staff. There are Coaches who suffer more injuries and others less, which allowed us to say it is principally training methods which contribute the most to preventing injuries.”

“Gigi was hurt four years ago and had surgery. Since then, his focus, approach and daily prevention changed notably, so he dedicated himself with great consistency to performing all the exercises that are the real success after an injury like this.

“He worked very hard, above all in the gym, to prevent further problem and be best prepared for training sessions. I am convinced Buffon is one of our greatest success stories.”