Juventus have overturned their early deficit to take the lead over Lazio around the hourmark.

Lazio have come to play today, but they haven’t been able to take advantage of their chances, and now they find themselves behind.

The Old Lady fell behind after 15 minutes when Joaquin Correa did well to take advantage of Kulusevski’s misplaced pass, but Juventus have lived up to the challenge.

Adrien Rabiot levelled just before the break, before the fixture really come to life after the restart with end-to-end action resulting in Alvaro Morata putting us ahead with just under an hour on the clock, but Federico Chiesa’s role in the goal cannot be undermined.

Pictures courtesy of Sport TV

This has been an amazing watch for the neutrals, but something tells me that the Lazio fans will not be enjoying this as much as they were.