Paulo Dybala has sent a huge message to the Juventus board this evening, scoring the opening goal before appearing to stare down Pavel Nedved in the stands as he refuses to celebrate with his team-mates.

There has been a lot of talk about the former Palermo star’s contract situation at present, with Paulo having been allowed to enter into the final months of his current deal.

While it is sometimes hard to know the facts, Dybala’s reaction here to the goal after reports that the club has reneged on a previous verbal agreement that had been made.

I can’t help but believe that Dybala will have the full backing of the Juve fans here, and that the club will have to tread carefully not to cause unrest amongst the supporters, as allowing our star to leave for nothing when he clearly showed his feelings above.

His reaction completely tells me that he wants to sign a new deal with the club, but he clearly isn’t being shown the respect or being made to feel of worth, and there is no doubt in my mind that he would be able to rake in a huge wage if he was to leave us come June.

Will the board really allow this to carry on much longer knowing he can talk to foreign clubs in the coming months?