A great injustice or a fair punishment? This has been the ongoing debate amongst all Calcio fanatics since the handing of the court ruling on Friday. The sporting court of appeal opted to deduct 15 points from Juve’s tally in the Serie A standings with immediate effect.

In the latest episode of the Italian Football Podcast, co-hosts Nima Tavallaey and Carlo Garganese discuss the controversial ruling.

Although Tavallaey has his reservations over how the ruling was handled, he explains why the Bianconeri were singled out while others escaped unscathed.

The journalist notes that the prosecutors were able to prove that the club’s directors had the intention to register capital gains using inflated values, due to transcripts received from the Prisma investigation (related to the salary maneuver). But’s let’s just say that Garganese wasn’t exactly buying this claim.

You can watch the entire segment in the video below.