Since Cristiano Giuntoli took on the role of sporting director, Juventus has faced difficulties in making new signings.

The financial situation at the club is tight, leaving them with limited funds to spend in this transfer window unless they generate income by selling players.

One player Juventus is looking to cash in on is Dusan Vlahovic. Offloading the Serbian striker would provide the club with a significant amount of money. As a potential replacement, Juventus has identified Romelu Lukaku, who is considered a top-class striker with a proven track record of success in Europe.

However, PSG has withdrawn their interest in Vlahovic, and pundit Fabio Santini believes it could be due to concerns about the player’s fitness record. Not being able to sell Vlahovic could pose a problem for Juventus as they seek to bring in funds for new signings and strengthen their squad.

Santini said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“At the moment, it is blocked due to Vlahovic’s pubalgia . Giuntoli’s plan was to immediately sell the Serbian to raise cash and then reinvest on the new project, but also Paris Saint-Germain, after asking for information, read the medical reports and withdrew , making an appointment for January.

“The attacker’s physical problem forces a player to sit still, otherwise he can’t heal. However, we will have to see how this Juventus will start, if Allegri starts badly I’m not sure he will remain at the helm , the ghosts of Spalletti hover over him , who is sending signals to Giuntoli, and of Conte who dreams of re-founding Juve “.

Juve FC Says

DV9 should be a player we are eager to keep with us, but the Serbian’s recent fitness leaves so much to be desired and we have to try to sell him now that he has a good market value.