The potential swap deal between Dusan Vlahovic and Romelu Lukaku has garnered attention, with Max Allegri believing that Lukaku would be a better fit for his team at Juventus. Vlahovic had turned down offers from Arsenal and other top clubs to join Juventus from Fiorentina, but his time with the Bianconeri hasn’t been as successful as expected due to various reasons.

While Vlahovic showcased remarkable form at Fiorentina, he has struggled to replicate the same level of performance at Juventus, partly because the team’s system doesn’t suit his style of play. Additionally, fitness issues might have impacted his consistency on the pitch. As a result, Juventus is considering offering him to Chelsea as part of the deal to bring Lukaku to Turin.

However, Football Italia reports that Vlahovic’s preference is to remain in Serie A with Juventus if he had the choice. He hasn’t explicitly asked to leave the club, but he’s aware that discussions are ongoing between the two clubs regarding the potential transfer. Vlahovic is open to the possibility of the move if Juventus insists on pushing him out.

Ultimately, the decision may hinge on negotiations between Juventus and Chelsea, and Vlahovic’s willingness to make the transfer if it becomes a viable option. Until an agreement is reached, Vlahovic’s future remains uncertain, but he seems to be ready to adapt to the circumstances should the transfer materialise.

Juve FC Says

DV9 has always maintained that Juve is his dream club and wants to keep playing for the Bianconeri.

However, the striker is not doing well on our books and we cannot afford failure in the upcoming campaign.

Lukaku could deliver the league title to us and we need him for that reason, even though Chelsea might turn down the proposal.