Juventus is eager to secure Dusan Vlahovic with a new long-term contract as one of their most essential players.

The Serbian has consistently performed at a high level during his time at the club and remains the primary goal scorer at the Allianz Stadium.

Juve has faced financial challenges in recent seasons, which continue to impact the salaries they can offer to players.

The club has been implementing cost-saving measures for some time and plans to continue as they work to reduce their debts.

With this in mind, their strategy is to propose a contract with a lower salary than Vlahovic currently receives.

According to a report on Tuttomercatoweb, their intention is to extend the duration of his earnings instead of increasing his current salary.

This approach is aimed at providing some financial relief to the club as they grapple with financial issues from various fronts.

However, the report also mentions that Vlahovic’s representatives are not interested in such an agreement, so both parties remain quite far apart in negotiations.

Juve FC Says

Vlahovic is a player we should only consider parting ways with for a substantial transfer fee. If the Serbian is unwilling to extend his contract at a reduced wage, then it would be in our best interest to seek out a buyer willing to make a significant investment to acquire him.