Mauro Icardi’s wife and agent Wanda Nara claims Inter wanted to sell the striker to Juventus this summer.

“Mauro renewed his agreement with Nike for another 9 years in London,” Wanda told Tiki Taka.

“Inter? We’re very far away. What’s been written in the last few days annoys me. No-one’s called me to ask for any explanations.

“Icardi is a footballer whose quality can’t be disputed. His contract must be renewed, period.

“The market? It’s better if I don’t talk about it, although it makes me laugh when I hear that Icardi isn’t on the market.

“With Inter it’s not an issue of money. I think they can pay for his renewal, which remains the priority for us.

“The club contacted me in the midst of their Champions League campaign, but I said it was better to wait until after the group stage.

“You saw how much I wanted us to go through and how much I cried. Inter’s offer doesn’t exist. I have to sit down and talk to them and I haven’t done that yet.

“Inter have their Christmas dinner on Tuesday and I think they’ll kill me, so I’ll bring something from home with me.

“Inter wanted to send Icardi to Juventus, but it was Mauro who said ‘no’ as he wanted to stay at Inter.”

[Translation from Football Italia]