Juventus believe they should have earned a penalty late in their 1-1 draw against Nantes last night, but it wasn’t given and some fans believe there is an agenda against the team.

The Bianconeri are seeking to win the Europa League, which is their best chance to play in the Champions League next season.

Max Allegri’s side has been struggling this season, which saw them relegated from the UCL and now they must win Europe’s second competition.

Nantes is one of the easiest opponents they could get and they started the game well by taking the lead, but their opponents equalised afterwards.

With no clubs scoring again, the result stayed the same, but Juve probably should have had a penalty when Nantes defender Sébastien Corchia appeared to make contact with the ball with his hands in an unnatural position.

The referee did not give it and a report on Football Italia reveals some Bianconeri fans believe UEFA is after their team, which is why the spot-kick was not given.

Juve FC Says

Refereeing is not an easy job and we are used to referees overlooking certain decisions on the pitch for a very long time.

UEFA does not have to go so low to tell referees to work against Juventus, so this is just a conspiracy theory.