Juventus manager Max Allegri has delivered a stern message to his players, urging them to mature and stay grounded following their eye-opening experience in the match against Sassuolo this evening.

Juventus had been aiming to secure another victory to maintain their undefeated start to the season, but they were outplayed by their opponents. Sassuolo put Juventus through a tough test and emerged victorious with a 4-2 scoreline, marking one of their most impressive results in this fixture.

Previously, Juventus had received praise for their triumph against Lazio, and Allegri had cautioned against becoming overly euphoric, emphasising the importance of remaining composed since his team had yet to accomplish anything significant.

It appears that the players may have allowed the acclaim to affect their mindset, leading to a lack of discipline. This lack of discipline proved costly, resulting in Juventus ending up on the losing side of the match. Allegri’s call for maturity and focus serves as a reminder that consistency and dedication are essential to achieving success in the long run.

After the game, Allegri said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“A day where we weren’t attacked with our heads. We played an easy game especially in the defensive phase, without perceiving the dangers. We conceded a goal on the first shot but the perception even before that was that our heads were a little in the air. 

“This is a match that must teach us: we weren’t phenomena before but we’re not rubbish now. We have to grow and we have to work to stay attached to the match for the whole 95 minutes.”

Juve FC Says

The loss to Sassuolo should serve as an eye-opener for us and the players will now understand why Allegri has urged them to calm down and stay focused on the job.