Wojciech Szczesny says Juventus are as hungry as ever to win new trophies after they beat Napoli to win the Super Cup.

The Bianconeri has had an inconsistent season, but the campaign has been made to look somewhat successful after their 2-0 win over Napoli to lift the Super Cup.

They were beaten by Inter Milan in their latest league game. That result leaves them 10 points behind Milan in the race for the Scudetto.

However, Szczesny has revealed that their Super Cup win shows that they still have the hunger for more successes.

He claimed that winning a trophy for the 10th consecutive season goes to show that they haven’t toned down the level of their hunger for success.

He also spoke about their tactics, claiming that they are learning to be calm on the ball and to be aggressive when they lose possession of it.

He told Sky Sports Italia via Calciomercato: “We still so hungry to win. to demonstrate this, a another trophy won for the tenth consecutive year We want to fight and we will do it until the end.In the growth path of offensive football we must have a light head, when we lose the ball we must eat the field to win it back. It’s a mental aspect, you have to be calm with the ball and aggressive to win it back. We are trying it, and what we did with Napoli was the perfect balance. We were compact and tight, both when there was to suffer and when there was to attack. To win games, a team like Juve must draw in terms of motivation and hunger. ”