Filip Kostic has addressed the club’s fans and provided assurance that the upcoming season will be an improvement.

Despite the team’s overall underwhelming performance and off-field issues during the previous campaign, Kostic emerged as one of the standout players, nearly reaching double figures for assists in the league.

As he reflects on his first season at the club, the Serbian winger acknowledges the challenges faced by Juventus but remains optimistic about the future. In a message to the fans, Kostic aims to instil hope and confidence that he will continue to perform well and contribute positively to the team moving forward.

He wrote as cited by Tuttomercatoweb:

“A long season is coming to an end. Proud to be a Bianconero: we will certainly do better next season, giving all fans more satisfaction. Thank you all for your support all year round!”.

Juve FC Says

Kostic was one of our standout players in the last campaign, as he did his job every time he stepped on the pitch for the Bianconeri.

The attacker is one man we can trust to keep doing better and next season will be a key term for him.

Hopefully, other players around him will also perform well so that we will have a good season.