Juventus is having a tough time in Serie A this season and they end the year far from the top.

They have lost just a game, but several draws mean that teams that have won more like Milan and Inter Milan are ahead of them on the league table.

The Bianconeri have won the last nine league titles, and this season offers them the chance to win a tenth.

But their start to the campaign means that this one will probably be the hardest to win, nevertheless, Andrea Agnelli isn’t giving up on winning it just yet.

As the year draws to a close, he sent a letter to the Juventus fan group, VecchiaSignora.com, telling them that the club would keep fighting for the league title this season, and that fight would carry on until the end of the season when they have won it again, or another team has been crowned champions.

He wrote via Tuttojuve: “To the friends of VecchiaSignora.com, we are ending a year that no one would have imagined living. The first thought is directed to all of you and your loved ones .. . I hope you are all well, even though I know it will not be. We have lost family and friends, we struggle at work … All these, including myself, including ourselves. We open the doors to 2021 hoping for serenity and happiness, this time with less usual rhetoric. We will fight to the end for the tenth consecutive Scudetto, aware of our strength in this dramatic moment for the industry in which we operate. Merry Christmas and a hug to all the people you love! “.