Juventus Football Director Cristiano Giuntoli makes it clear that the club isn’t willing to buy Carlos Alcaraz from Southampton on current terms.

The Bianconeri signed the 21-year-old on loan on the final day of the winter transfer session.

While the Italians do have the option to buy the Argentine at the end of the season, the agreement states that they must pay a figure close to 50 million euros which naturally raised many eyebrows.

Nevertheless, Giuntoli tries to justify the agreement by explaining that Juventus found themselves in a desperate position towards the end of the January market.

Therefore, the Serie A giants didn’t have time to properly negotiate a more realistic figure.

Nevertheless, the 52-year-old insists that if Juventus are going to maintain the midfielder’s services beyond the loan stint, they will have to agree to new terms with Southampton.

“We decided to sign Charly Alcaraz as we wanted a young talent and it was an opportunity,” he told the Italian press via The Daily Briefing.

“We didn’t have time to negotiate a proper buy-option clause. So in case we want to sign Alcaraz then we will review the terms with Southampton in the summer.”

Hence, Giuntoli made it clear that Juventus have yet to decide whether they want to keep Alcaraz on a permanent basis or not. This is obviously the case, as the youngster has only made three substitute appearances thus far.

But in any case, the Bianconeri won’t be paying the king’s ransom for the Argentine, but would rather seek more realistic figures.