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“What can they do, shoot me?” Moggi responds to new investigation

February 4, 2023 - 5:15 pm

Former Juventus executive Luciano Moggi has responded to the latest investigation opened against him after he watched a U19 game.

The 85-year-old was banned from any football activity for life after the Calciopoli scandal and he is not supposed to be near a game.

However, reports suggest he attended a match involving the Juve U19 side and now the FIGC has opened an investigation into the discovery.

It is not what Moggi wants at this time, but he wonders what other punishment he can get. He said via Football Italia:

“These are things that leave time to be found, they don’t take me by surprise, and they don’t bother me.

“With me they have found someone who can defend himself. More than banning me, what can they do, shoot me? I’m banned, I don’t know what developments there could be.”

Juve FC Says

This has been a tough few weeks for Juve and Moggi should not bring more negative press to us.

The former administrator should know that eyes are on him as he serves his punishment for the rest of his life and ought to act the right way.

Allowing himself to be caught this way is not a good thing, but truly it would be interesting to see which other punishment he could serve.

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  • Avatar
    martinn February 4, 2023 at 7:17 pm

    yeah an 85 year old man is going to do as much damage as saint agnelli and dinosaur allegri has! stop making everyone else a scapegoat.

    • Avatar
      martinn February 4, 2023 at 7:18 pm

      sure it wasn`t the best of timing but let`s focus on the real culprits and why we are where we are on and off the pitch