It is safe to say that the Serbia national team had a pretty disappointing World Cup in Qatar. Many betting experts predicted them to go to the quarterfinals, but unfortunately, they were outplayed by Brazil, surprised by Cameroon and Switzerland, and this is where their hopes died. But, at moments, they showed wonderful skills and we were definitely impressed by Vlahovic and Kostic. The Juventus duo will definitely be rather important for Juve for the rest of the season and the Juventus lovers are wondering if will they play with the same passion after the World Cup. There are also injury concerns when it comes to those two players. Today we are going to discuss Vlahovic and Kostic and see what we can expect from them for the rest of the season.

Dusan Vlahovic

This talented young man has had a rather frustrating World Cup in Qatar. We all know how good he can play, but he was plagued by injuries before the World Cup. Also, there were nasty talks when it came to his private life, but those talks were never confirmed. Fortunately for Juventus lovers, the player now looks pretty good when it comes to his physical condition and he seems happy. There are, of course, talks that he may leave Juventus, but the player denies them. He is determined to make a name for himself in Juventus and he is trying his best in the Juventus shirt. His relationship with other players on the team is better than ever and people love to see it. We can expect from Vlahovic to get back to his goalscoring form during the rest of the season.

Filip Kostic

It is safe to say that Filip Kostic is one of the best wingers in football today. At least when it comes to the Serie A. This talented player showed everyone what he can do at the World Cup in Qatar, but it was not meant to be for him and his national team. He was also injured before the World Cup, but fortunately for him and the Juventus lovers, he is now recovered from the injury. He is one of the most important players for Juventus when it comes to creativity in the offense. The experts think that he will have many more assists by the end of the season. That is especially likely if the strikers finish the season in good form. There are many more games in the Serie A and Kostic will definitely be important for Juve.

What Will Juve Do By The End Of The Season

It is safe to say that this season was not perfect for Juve, but the team is pretty young and there is hope that the next few seasons could be rather successful for this team. Recently, there were many talks regarding the future of the head coach, but due to good results in the last few games before the World Cup in Qatar, those talks have quieted down. Juventus will definitely try to secure a place in the top 4 of the Serie A. Is that a realistic goal given the recent form of the team? The experts think that Juventus has a pretty good chance to end the season in the top 4. Napoli, Milan, and Inter have the best chances to end in the top 4, and it is safe to say that Juventus will need to perform better than Lazio if they want to play Champions League football next season.

The Serbian players, Vlahovic and Kostic will definitely represent the most important players for Juventus, at least when it comes to the attack. Their form is promising at the moment and the Juventus family can find comfort in that.