Paulo Dybala is one of the former Juventus players who investigators questioned as a part of a probe into the Bianconeri paying their players under the table.

Juve asked their squad to give up four months’ salary in the early days of covid-19, but most players refused, forcing the club to pay them outside their financials after the stars agreed to give up one month.

Juve failed to report this agreement in their financial statement. However, investigators later discovered it and continue to work on the case.

Some present and former Bianconeri stars were interviewed and a new report reveals how many details Dybala gave the investigators.

The current AS Roma attacker said, as quoted by Football Italia:

“The proposal was to give up to four months’ wages, but we players did not agree. The agreement was that we would receive a salary for three more months the following season, giving up to just one.

“Many of us were surprised when we were asked to renounce four months’ salary and we said no. We had a Whatsapp group chat, it was a confusing period because some of us were abroad. We decided to decide together, we could agree or not, but we have to do it as a unit. I don’t remember discussing this with Paratici or Nedved,”

Juve FC Says

Our players were put in a difficult situation as soon as the agreement leaked to the investigators and they all knew they must tell the truth or face the consequences.

Dybala no longer owes us an explanation after the club let him go, but he most likely said the truth, knowing how bad it is to lie to detectives.