Thiago Motta’s appointment as Juventus manager has put several squad members in a position where their futures are uncertain.

The club recently acquired players who were coveted by their former manager, Max Allegri, with support in last summer’s and January’s transfer windows.

These players had Allegri’s backing, but his departure has altered the landscape. One player whose tenure at Juventus is now uncertain is Timothy Weah.

Weah arrived at Juve just last season, and his initial campaign with the club was underwhelming.

While many fans believe he needs more time to adapt to the team’s style, the arrival of a new manager introduces potential changes.

According to a report from Tuttojuve, Thiago Motta has not yet determined Weah’s future but has identified certain players whom the club cannot afford to sell, with Weah not among them.

This suggests that Juventus could entertain offers for the American this summer, but there is also an opportunity for him to convince the new coach of his value and secure a place in the team.

Juve FC Says

Weah did not do too much to suggest he is a player we cannot sell and he should leave unless he has a superb pre-season and adjusts fast to the demands of Motta.