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What Juventus risk in the latest false accounting allegations

November 27, 2021 - 11:30 am

Juventus can’t catch a break these days. As if the humiliating defeat at the hands of Chelsea wasn’t a painful enough blow, a new scandal has fully blown in the club’s face.

We’re talking of course about the “Prisma” scandal; An investigation process that has put several dodgy transfer dealings under scrutiny, including several deals conducted by the Bianconeri – especially during Fabio Paratici’s era.

The former director often conducted exchange deals with other clubs, and it might have included inflated player values that was meant to inject capital gains in unlawful manners.

According to to la Gazzetta dello Sport, the investigation will include two separate processes – criminal and sporting.

What the Bianconeri risk at the moment is a fine and a slight point deduction as the source explains – of course if the allegations were to be proven.

Unless an alteration is found, the club shouldn’t risk a heavier punishment. But it remains an unlikely scenario according to the report.

Juve FC say

In the last few years, Juventus fans who paid enough attention to the figures probably noticed that some of the reported values mentioned in the exchanges might have been exaggerated.

Now whether this is going to be proven or not remains to be seen, but this feels like yet another hole that the short-sighted administration dug for itself.

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