Juventus Vice-President Pavel Nedved told Cristiano Ronaldo to pick the ball up from the net in their game against Torino yesterday because he was sure the attacker was onside.

Ronaldo’s goal which levelled the tie late on was subjected to VAR checks because he appeared to be in an offside position.

Giorgio Chiellini had extended a cross towards him to nod home and help the Bianconeri salvage a point from the game.

While the check was going on, DAZN via Football Italia reports that Nedved was certain that the attacker was onside and that the goal would stand even when it gets reviewed.

He told the striker to pick the ball out of the net and head to the centre circle where their opponents will kick off the game again.

Nedved was proven right with the referee allowing the goal after the VAR check, but they couldn’t find another goal to get all the points from the match.

Ronaldo’s goal was his 24th in 25 league games this season as he continues to show his teammates how to deliver for the club.

Unfortunately, his goals will not be enough to help Juventus retain their league title and they might even fail to qualify for next season’s Champions League.