Right now, there are no sporting charges facing Juventus but we know that UEFA is itching to throw the book at Juve, they have opened an investigation and it is very likely they will then lay a range of charges at The Bianconeri’s door.

There is also Serie A and they will not be slow to bring up charges against the club if the opportunity is there.

With the high likelihood that charges will be brought, what sort of sanctions could the club face?

Juve could face relegation again, points deduction, transfer restrictions and bans from certain competitions.

Because of the nature of the charges, it is unlikely that relegation is on the cards, which is only likely if it is proven that any wrongdoing gave the club an advantage on the pitch.

Points deduction is probably more of a compromise if the club is to be punished in a sporting way and would likely only apply from next season.

A transfer ban is highly likely, especially via UEFA if the charges against them are proven.

It is also a big possibility that UEFA may ban Juventus from European competition for a season or two.

So, as things stand right now I would guess the following.

Fine – YES

Relegation – NO

Points deduction – POSSIBLE

Transfer ban – YES

Euro ban – LIKELY

That is what I believe is the most likely outcome from a sporting perspective. I could easily be wrong and my opinion may change if the circumstances change but based on what we know today, I think the above is the most likely outcome,

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