Last Tuesday, Massimiliano Allegri had his first press conference since his return to Juventus, and it turned out to be a largely entertaining one.

However, his most stinging comment was the one directed towards Leonardo Bonucci, basically stripping him from his duties as vice-captain, saying that the latter lost his seniority within the club’s ranks once he left for Milan.

The relationship between the two men is well-documented. From the Porto stool incident to the center back’s unceremonious departure in the summer of 2017, their rapport surely had its dark episodes.

The 34-year-old returned to Turin in 2018 after spending one season in San Siro, and although Allegri handed him the captain’s armband on once occasion, he would never wear it again during that season.

Nonetheless, Maurizio Sarri’s reign saw him regaining his vice-captain status, and he continued to hold the honor throughout Andrea Pirlo’s tenure.

According to la Gazzetta dello Sport via ilBianconero, Bonucci will join the club’s pre-season on Monday, and will humbly accept the coach’s decision.

The source believes that the defender learned to contemplate more over the years, becoming more and more rational, and drifting further away from his old impulsive behaviors.

Therefore, the report is expecting a serene atmosphere in Continassa during the beginning of August, with the troubles between the manager and the coach being a thing from the past, despite what Tuesday’s conference may have suggested.