In recent weeks, there has been some conflicting reports regarding the future of Leonardo Bonucci.

While some claimed that the Juventus captain is on his way out of Turin (perhaps as early as January), others stated that he’ll instead renew his contract until 2025.

These contrasting stories have left Bianconeri fans confused, and rightfully so.

Nonetheless, a report from Relevo (via ilBianconero) has shed light on the situation. Apparently, neither story is exactly accurate.

According to the source, Bonucci has either signed or is on the cusp of signing an agreement with the club, but this doesn’t truly consist a contract extension.

Instead, the two parties have certified an extension option for next season which already exists in the player’s contract.

Therefore, the deadline for the expiration of the captain’s deal will remain June 2024.

Juve FC say

Following the baffling and contrasting reports regarding Leo’s future, this report certainly offers a logical explanation.

After all, the defender’s exit in January wouldn’t do much good to the club, and neither would an untimely extension.

At this point, the wisest solution would be maintaining order until the end of the campaign, before deciding whether to prolong the collaboration with the captain or seek another solution.

Even though his current deal ends in 2024, an early termination remains a possibility, as it happened last summer with Giorgio Chiellini.