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“When it comes to Juve…” Chiellini reacts to investigation on Juventus’ accounting

December 4, 2021 - 9:42 am

Whatever concerns Juventus could easily be blown out of proportion, reckons Giorgio Chiellini amidst the current investigation into the club’s finances.

The Bianconeri is currently being investigated for suspected false accounting in the capital gains case.

The club has maintained its innocence, but this is not the first time Juve has been in trouble with the law, and people are talking.

There have been a lot of suggestions that prosecutors will punish the Bianconeri severely, and the investigators seem convinced they are building a strong case.

However, Chiellini insists these are early days, and because it is Juventus, everyone is making it a big deal.

“I spoke clearly on Tuesday, saying simple but important words,” Chiellini told Sky Sport Italia via Football Italia

“I didn’t say them first, but I reiterated the words from the coach.

“It’s early days in the investigation, it’s all exploratory. When it comes to Juve, the investigations are amplified.

“We have to wait and put some effort into giving something back to a club that has given us so much. Tuesday’s appeal was extended to those around me and to those who have supported us for a long time.

“We have a moral obligation to be united to create something even more beautiful.”

Juve FC Says

The Bianconeri would expect to be under the microscope whenever a case like this emerges.

We are the biggest club in Italy, and several bodies would be happy to take us down, as in the 2006 Calciopoli.

However, fans can trust the executives to have been smart about their business dealings, and this means we can be confident this investigation will find nothing wrong with us.

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