Juventus has just secured a major off-field win as their deducted 15 league points were reinstated on appeal.

The black and whites still have other battles to fight as they bid to prove they have done nothing wrong in every case against them.

The other major case is the salary manoeuvre in which they lied about their players forfeiting a few months’ worths of salary while paying them under the table.

Juve is preparing to defend itself and everyone is curious about when a decision on that case will be reached. 

Tuttojuve interviewed a seasoned lawyer Cesare Di Cintio and he disclosed when we should expect a decision to be made on the case.

He said: “There are no set times. There may be a risk of seeing end of federal and federal procedural times lengthening by climbing over the end of the season. While for the ‘salary manoeuvre’ strand, the terms could allow to obtain a first-degree decision before June 30, 2023. Especially if the National Federal Court orders the acceleration of the procedural times”.

Juve FC Says

We have survived a major legal hurdle and can trust the club when it says it would defend itself in any other case.

For now, we need to focus on winning more matches and consolidating our place inside the top four.

If we end this season with a Champions League place and another trophy, it will have been a successful term.