When Andrea Agnelli handed his resignation on November 28, Juve’s world turned upside down. The longtime club president left his post along with the rest of the board amidst growing financial and legal troubles.

The club’s majority owner John Elkann was quick to appoint some of his well-trusted men in the top offices. Gianluca Ferrero became the new president with Maurizio Scanavino acting as general director.

However, the other member who will constitute the rest of the new board remain unknown.

But according to il Corriere dello Sport via ilBianconero, Juventus should reveal the new board of director members before December 24.

As the source explains they will only assume office once approved in the general assembly meeting which should occur on January 18.

The report adds that Elkann intends to build a large administration comprised of directors from both legal and sporting backgrounds.

Juve FC say

In recent days, we’ve been reading all sort of rumors linking the club with the likes of Giuseppe Marotta and other directors who currently serve at other clubs.

But while it’s unlikely to see Beppe making his return to Juventus – at least in the middle of the campaign – we’re still hoping to witness the long awaited return of Alessandro Del Piero who’s surely willing to serve the Old Lady amidst her troubled times.