Gambling brands sponsor famous sportsperson, teams and celebrities to promote their brands and attract new players. May it be a land-based casino or an online casino there is always a famous person or sport associated with it to attract new players across the world. Finns are ardent gambling lovers and would be interested in betting on a variety of games for both entertaining and making money reasons. Football is the favourite sport of the gambling industry, and players often get to see casino brands and companies sponsoring football players and teams for promotional purposes. One name in football that Finns are quiet familiar is Cristiano Ronaldo who plays for Juventus Club. Not because Ronaldo is a football star but because of his poker playing skills. Finnish players are looking forward to placing some serious bets in nettikasinot 2020 (online casinos 2020) on football and are also getting excited to see some famous Juventus players in live tournaments and video promotions.

There are many players and football fans across the world that are seriously into online FIFA gaming and eagerly look for the release of the latest versions every year. Do you know that Juventus is called Piemonte Calcio in FIFA 20? Yes, it is true, the end of the partnership between EA Sports and Juventus resulted in Italian champions being named as Piemonte Calcio and also prohibits the former from using the brand, office and badges for promotional reasons. Although it will be a significant disappointment for EA Sports, the club has signed with Konami and will appear in the promotion of upcoming title ‘eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020’. Whether it is online casino games or video games, football remains favourite sports of iGaming world and Cristiano Ronaldo favourite football player.

The famous Juventus player, Ronaldo, is thrilled to compete on the highest level not only in the world’s renowned sport but also popular casino game poker. Playing football is undoubtedly a pleasure for Ronaldo, but he is also inclined to look for excitement in some other game. Playing poker is gradually becoming an alternative occupation for Cristiano which was played initially as a pastime casino game. It is quite evident from the player’s excitement and enjoyment that he is passionate about the game and wants to be listed in the top charts of professional poker players. Ronaldo started playing poker in online casinos and few land-based casinos for fun, but slowly got absorbed into the game as he began to enjoy the challenge and competition involved in poker. The strategy and competition in poker are similar to what he displays on the field when playing football.

There are numerous websites online that offer poker games where you can play for real money and challenge strong opponents to achieve crucial wins. Cristiano is a player who always enjoys the superior experience and does not settle for anything less than that. Ronaldo partnered with reputed poker brand in the industry and since then is pursuing poker as a hobby. Maybe he won’t be able to spend a few hours every day at the poker table due to his successful profession but will look forward to challenging some famous players at the poker table when in leisure. His passion for poker game can be turned into a second career and explore more angles of the game when he retires from his profession.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus star players, is an iconic football player and is a well-noted poker player. He loves to challenge the talented and other professionals both at the field and poker tables to derive superior gaming experience. The player is generous and contributed massive amounts to a variety of charitable trusts across the world. He loves to make appearances in live poker tournaments to entertain his fans and also other poker players who are excited to see the football legend in poker rooms.