Juventus has so many budding youngsters on their books, and they are developing well.

The likes of Nicolo Rovella and Nicolo Fagioli spent this season out on loan, and they proved their worth at their respective temporary homes.

Juve will have them and other loanees back in the summer, and they will have to decide on the future of each player.

Filippo Ranocchia and Fabio Miretti are two other young midfielders on Juve’s books now, and the former will be back at the club in the summer.

They have had a good season, although Miretti stayed at the club where he played in the team’s last few matches.

But Juve will not have space in their senior squad to keep all of them because they do not have the experience to help them achieve their goals.

Tutto Sport is now claiming the Bianconeri will probably keep just one of them in the group and send the other three out on loan next season so that they can further their development.

Juve FC Says

These youngsters are very promising, and they need to keep playing regularly if they are ever going to reach their full potential.

It would not be easy for the club to pick the player to keep, and it is also not a bad idea if all of them are sent back out on loan to gain more experience before returning to Turin.