Who is the Popular Juventus Star Player that is also a Poker Star?

July 25, 2020 - 10:21 am

Juventus is one of the popular football clubs in the world and is known as the powerhouse of Italian A series. The legendary football player Cristiano Ronaldo is the part of the team which is the reason behind the high reputation of the club. Gambling brands are often associated with sports teams, and football is the favourite sport of the gambling industry. And Cristiano is undoubtedly is the ideal sports star of both land-based and online casinos. Virtual casinos partnering with the famous football players aim to attract entire fanbase and other gambling enthusiasts by offering the best casino bonus and other promotional offers. If you are wondering of all the famous sports people why Ronaldo? then many of you may not know that the football star is also an avid poker player.

Cristiano has several years of experience playing a fascinating casino game, poke which remains his favourite game in leisure. Not only he plays pokers in both brick and mortar casinos and Internet casinos, but he also mastered the game and has challenged several professional gamblers in poker tournaments. Juventus the team for which Ronaldo plays is sponsored by some of the popular gambling brands where the complete crew of the group is featured in Live poker tournaments and other promotional videos.  For many years Cristiano’s fans thought that he played poker for fun and as a pastime game. But the casino game has turned more of a hobby from a leisure game and later his passionate match. The football superstar claimed in many interviews that football is his sport and poker is his game. You get to see online some videos posted by the popular football player enjoying the game of poker like an amateur at both land-based casinos and gambling sites online.

But Ronaldo continuously worked on improving his skills and strategies in poker and started enjoying challenging professional poker players in live games and tournaments. The sports turned poker star turned his passion into a second career by signing with PokerStars company. Challenging Aaron Paul professional poker player in a tournament turned event amusing for the audience and poke lovers. The Professional poker player said that it was an honour to be challenged by the football star. Ronaldo could not take part in the International poker tournament along with Aaron Paul due to the injuries sustained in the European Tournament.

Popular Juventus player has received applaud from most reputed poker players in the Europe who acclaimed that Ronaldo is one of the passionate poker players they are challenged in poker tournaments. Cristiano often claimed that he is excited to be part of the poker brand because he is interested in everything challenging. Ronaldo initially used to play poker with his friends to the pastime. Gradually he started learning the skills and tactics of poker and felt that the strategy and competition of the game are similar to football. The football star is now more into web-based poker tables and also poker tables in land-based casinos to engage in competition with not only with professionals but also his poker enthusiast fans.

The famous Juventus player, Ronaldo, challenged Aaron Paul, a professional poker player and an actor who turned out to be out of box experience for both the players. The strategies and tactics used by both the players were completely different but were quite similar. Although Cristiano was an amateur poker player and had been playing the game for fun and entertainment has won against the Breaking Bad’s star in the last round and has donated the entire amount for charity reasons.

Cristiano is not only a fantastic football player but also a passionate poker player when he is off the field. The news of football players turning to a poker star has become a sensation in the world of gambling.  Juventus club has partnered with online gambling brand and will feature in their upcoming promotions and videos and will also feature in Live poker tournaments of the brand.

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