Following last week’s administrative earthquake, Juventus is officially a club in turmoil. While the sudden resignation of the entire board of directors left many vacant posts in the hierarchy, majority owner John Elkann swiftly replaced his cousin Andrea Agnelli with new president Gianluca Ferrero.

But when it comes to the rest of the board, we’ll have to wait until January 18 to find out who will be elected by the general assembly.

Until then, resigned CEO Maurizio Arrivabene will act as a caretaker until the appointment of a successor.

According to Domani via ilBianconero, three candidates have emerged for the CEO position.

The first is Alessandro Nasi who is a cousin of Elkann and Agnelli and currently acts as vice-president of EXOR (the holding company which owns the majority of the club’s shares).

However, the source notes that Nasi might hold out for a higher role at Juventus, mainly the presidency.

The other candidate is Evelina Christillin who’s a member of the FIFA council and has been associated to Juventus since the days of late president Gianni Agnelli.

Finally, Francesco Calvo might be the most likely option for the role. The director worked for Juventus between 2011 and 2015 before spending time at Barcelona and Roma. He returned to Turin last April as chief of staff, and currently reports to Arrivabene.